Hair Transplant in Turkey

About us

Aquarius Hair clinic is a hair transplant clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey. Our staff have more than 10 years of experience in the field. Our main goal is to provide to our patients the best results using the  latest and most advanced techniques and help to improve our patients confidence  and self esteem. 

Our Treatments

Fue Hair Transplant 

Fue hair transplant is a hair transplant surgery where individuals hair follicles are extracted from the back part of the head (the donor area) and after these hair  follicles are implanted into the  balding areas. In FUE hair transplant surgery is necessary to make small cut and open the channels to implant the grafts. This method doesn't leave any scars on the donor area and it gives amazing and natural results. 

DHI Hair Transplant 

Dhi hair transplant is the most advanced hair transplant method. With DHI hair transplant  the follicles are extracted from the scalp and are  directly implanted into the recipient area with a special choi pen. With  DHI technique there is no need to open the channels to implant the grafts. This technique provides more natural results, density and fast recovery time 

Beard and Eyebrow Transplant 

Beard and Eyebrow Transplant is for Men or women who want to obtain ticker beard or eyebrows. Beard Transplant can bring more confidence to men by giving  the desired shape, thickness and natural results. People who wish to have full beards or ticker brows can undergo this procedure to get their desired results 

Hair Transplant for Women 

Hair loss is one of these things that  can affect women's self esteem in a negative way. Hair transplant is the most effective solution for hair loss or baldness in women. We provide in our clinic ushaven hair transplant to women who dont want to shave their hair completely. 

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